Most of us do lots of research when starting any career journey. Although we concentrate on the bigger picture, a great career, good job, lots of cash, we fail to understand that even the tiniest of things that get overlooked are way more important than the career itself. Sometimes, having a successful career does not mean all good and sundry, everything starting from your behavior, manners and social skills will all determine whether you will make a successful career.

Below are career tips no one will tell you about.

Your success depends on how much you work hard

oiuytuiopNothing comes easy. Being successful is not a movie where you sit as an employer calling the shots, you need to show your coworkers, employees and other co-operate members that you have what it takes to be in that position. Otherwise, you will be in your backyard for the rest of your life with your degrees lying in a locker somewhere in your living room.

Being too serious can damage your career

Who wants to hang around someone who never smiles? Some of us think that our bosses love it when we are either too busy, too serious with frowning no-nonsense faces at all times, but trust me, No. Do you want to know what they think about you? When they see you, they wonder if they made a mistake. They are always worried that you are not representing their company well. What if you scare clients off? Be happy, enjoy yourself at work, and everyone will be happy they hired you. You don’t have to smile the whole day, just be normal.

Keep your grumblings to yourself

Tired of your work? Tired of your new job? Nobody needs to know because it will eventually get you fired. You are advised to look for something else if you hate your job because you are not only damaging other coworkers morale. Do not spoil the fun for others; someone else might be dying to be in your position so shut up unless you have another job ready waiting for you.

Do not turn away from social gatherings

Some people are not fun of drinking a cup of coffee and all that simply because they consider it as a waste of time. Well, although to you it might look like a small issue, to others it might be something else. Do not separate yourself from others; it might hurt your career or make people think you are hiding something while literally, you are not. Attending these functions will help you in building your social relations with other co-workers and will eventually open doors for new opportunities.

Being polite is not a choice, it should be a must

It might not be in your CV but should be in your mind at all times. Treat others with dignity and respect; this does not matter whether you are the boss or the cleaner. Good manners attract good things. Being polite attracts love, promotes good working environment and most of all, the promotion you have been eyeing the whole year!

Having a successful career is one thing but being successful accompanied by wealth, happiness, peace is different. Therefore, on your way up, handle yourself with dignity, humility and be kind. You never know your tomorrow!