Ways to Produce Classroom Vocabulary Games

Vocabulary Games

In modern classroom teaching, vocabulary practice would be more effective through games when it is done accurately. It has many benefits to enhance your words and enrich your thinking power when the learning process is enjoyable for children and adults. If you are a teacher and want to find any exercise related to vocabulary games, the internet is the right place to go with a bunch of its collection. Check out some ways to produce classroom vocabulary games below, so you can get a grasp of what would be great for your students. Also, try to get them involved in the process, if possible. This way, they would be more excited about the game while improving their words bank.

Alphabet Games

One of the ways to practice children’s vocabulary is to implement alphabet games. It is also applicable to different ages based on how teachers want to play it. For children over five years of age, you can use the game and let the student name an object nearby based on alphabetical orders from one participant to another. Add more challenge with a more specific theme to upper-class students if you see think it is time to enhance the games.

Alphabet Games

Word Power Focus

Another way to improve the student’s vocabularies is by asking them to read a book or take a class and then focus and highlight the word power. You can also let them find a website or game that focuses on word power improvement. The most important thing is you have to encourage them to share their discovery in the classroom because it would be a great chance to empower the word power they have found. 

Image Association

Picture AssociationUsing flashcards or other tools to emphasize the image association with words is a great idea to practice vocabulary. This way, the learner can think about words in a better way as they know the visualization. These games are fascinating, especially for children or those who learn English as a second language.

Besides picture association, using media would enhance learners’ vocabulary skills as they save more words in their memory bank. The most effective media to expand learners’ vocabulary is a song, as they collect more words and recognize its pronunciation while listening to the song. In addition to the learning process, getting the learners involved in this game process would double the benefits toward them.

Word Guess

Word guess might be the best idea to practice vocabulary in a classroom. It helps to exercise the student’s thinking power and speaking skills as they have to explain what a word he/she thinks. In response, other players will try to guess those clues and give their answers. If the answer matches, then the next round would be given to another player to think and explain the word he/she wants. If the attempt fails, then other players would keep trying to make comparisons while collecting clues to the actual words to get closer to the answer. In this manner, the games would continue for a certain period, so it would be better to challenge them with a time limit frame.